Oleothorax extravasat

Bild 86

86. More Paraffin plombage

What complications might arise 30 years after the installation ?
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Paraffin is worn down at a small point in the space between plombage and a rib.

Oleothorax toracoplas

Bild 87

87. What mistakes and what peculiarity does the thorax shot of a new case of a very elderly patient show us? At the age of 50, he survived the process and full procedure of surgical treatment.
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The radiograph is reversed.
On his right, the patient has an extended thoracoplasty and a small, additional oleothorax . The plombage is dislocated and may, thereby, have lost its effectiveness.
This combination of 'methods for therapy-collapse” is exceptional. Nowadays, we do not acknowledge the peculiarity of this illness case, which gives cause for this broken-down combination of a therapeutic procedure.

88. CT of the same patient (87).
Thoracopasty combined with a dislocated paraffin plombage.

CT same case pleura

Bild 88

What technical peculiarity does the image of the left lung show us?
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A "double window”; the soft-tissue-area, as well as the lungs should be well depicted in one picture. This window is not readily showed any more.

89. Today, we have little practice with the assessment of rare thoracoplasty. For that reason, we would rather like to study – using three subsequent cases – the complex effectiveness of the entire bone, comprising thorax as well as of the spinal column.


Bild 89

So, here, why has one not employed the plombage, but far rather the comparatively complicated operation of the thorakoplasty?
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One can imagine that the cavernous process was loctaed, rather than in the upper regions, in the right-middle areas. Such localisation was "laid to rest” poorly by the plombage.
It is not easy to decide: are the ribs rarified and ill-formed , or is the soft-area-coating "diffus” calcified and ossified (see 92)  ?

90. A further case of thoracoplasty.

Other thoracoplas

Bild 90

In order to conduct further studies of the operating method, one has to turn to two old-fashioned publications for advice and counsel: Hein-Kremer-Schmidt (Collapse-Therapy and Tuberculosis of the lungs) and Alexander.